Have you still not decided what to do on Valentine’s Day? Here are some romantic and original ideas to consider.

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day by lovers to spend a day, or at least an evening, under the banner of romance. Celebrating with a candlelit dinner in any restaurant is certainly a romantic idea, but there are also a thousand other ways to celebrate it at its best.

What to do on Valentine’s Day to celebrate in a romantic but original way? Here are some suggestions!

loveWhat to do on Valentine’s Day?

  • A romantic dinner in the restaurant. We all have a favourite restaurant. Booking a table is definitely a good idea. Even the ethnic ones are fine: everything is based on what you two love.
  • A day at the spa. Are you both very stressed? On Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a day of well-being at the spa or in a Spa. Maybe choose a hotel that offers these services, so you can stay for the night or for the whole weekend.
  • Cinema. Going to the cinema on Valentine’s Day may seem trivial, but it is not if instead of the classic romantic film you go to see a thriller or better yet a horror. The scariest scenes will be an excellent excuse to get close and hug tight!
  • Surprise weekend. If you can afford a few days off, organise a weekend in some romantic city, for example Paris or Venice. Keep the secret for yourself and reveal it only the day before leaving, it will be a very welcome surprise.
  • Sunset on the beach. There is nothing more romantic than the winter sea. Wait for the sunset on the beach, then light a bonfire and have a picnic.


Valentine’s Day at home? Here’s what to do Staying at home alone can also be an interesting way to spend a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas for a DIY romantic evening!

  • Decorate the house, making the atmosphere romantic. Think of a romantic centrepiece, light scented candles, scatter paper hearts… in short, give space to your creativity!
  • Test yourself in the kitchen. Think about what to cook, t including aphrodisiac foods or not is only up to you. Maybe think of the favourite dish of the person you love and cook it, it will be highly appreciated. If you are unable to cook, it does not matter… even take-away food can be romantic!
  • Music helps the atmosphere. You know, music has incredible powers. Prepare a playlist, it doesn’t have to be romantic, as long as it reflects your tastes (also because not everyone likes honeyed love songs).
  • Creativity for the delivery of gifts. Find a creative way to deliver the gift of your choice. You can think of a treasure hunt, or, organise a game.
  • Don’t forget to turn off your cell phones! The world doesn’t stop if you isolate yourself, so turn off both your cell phone. It will help you to rest easy and enjoy the evening, whatever you decide to do. Then, it’s not exactly nice to be with your loved one and stay glued to your cell phone!