The health of infants and children, including taking care of eliminating problems such as tooth decay and obesity are within the guidelines which were published by the Directorate for Health Promotion and Prevention diseases.

The guidelines launched by the Directorate for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention address the type of food to give babies of six months until they are three years old.

dietary guidelines

Director of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Dr. Paula Vassallo, said that the guidelines have been laid out to deliver a consistent message to parents and guardians caring for children, based them on latest evidence as well as information on important nutritional facts for infants and children between six months and three years.

Dr Vassallo stressed that the first year of the baby is the most crucial, because habits and flavours chosen during that year by the persons who take care of the child are likely to remain with the child throughout life. The guidelines encourage to avoid eating in front of the television or whilst using a tablet. Dr Vassallo also explained the importance of dental care from an early age.

The Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci claimed that if children have a good start in consuming food, it persists throughout life. Professor Gauci said that the health of infants starts at conception. It stressed that it is important that women take care of their health, especially during pregnancy.

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