So the Government is expected to announce a major investment project in the horse racing track at Marsa. It looks like the total expected investment is that of around €28 million. It is understood that all the parties of the race track will undergo restoration, renovation and refurbishment, also construction of several establishments adjacent to the track.

Am not a fan of horse racing, but well can respect it’s someone else’s hobby and so an investment might seem like a good idea… What sounds nice is that it has been said that there will also be a spa for horses!! Everybody loves being pampered, no?

Anyhow, it has been said that the Government will be pocketing € 800,000 from the lease of the said race track. So it surely seems to be a good idea for the Government, right? Anyhow, politics aside as we have vouched to never discuss politics and so it will be…

One positive aspect might be that the project is expected to contribute to tourism in the south of Malta. What I cannot understand is the need to introduce dog races in the same race track!?!?!

As with the case of horses, am sure some will say “the dogs love to run”. Well my friends, that’s just one of the dubious arguments peddled by the tone-deaf who try to sell on the idea of dog racing. We can’t interview the dogs, obviously, to check the veracity of that claim. But in general, it appears most dogs love to run. Through a grassy field. Chasing a ball. Or a cat. That’s not what happens at dog tracks.

What’s your opinion?