The SMS have started to be used by numerous consumers. Apparently, the well-known instant messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram are no longer the favourites and to beat them are just the beloved short 160-character messages.

To discover this were the results of an analysis conducted by Commify that compared application notes and SMS. Two thirds of European consumers prefer to use short text messages instead of Whatsapp and Telegram because it is a simple, concise and an effective means of communication.

Short Message Services or better known as SMS are born in 1984 as a means of mobile communication. Over the years, text messages become the primary means of mobile communication for consumers.

Although the web offers numerous methods to communicate with one or more people, many consumers prefer to use SMS. In fact, according to the various interviews, text messages are the only ones that offer efficient communication because they do not need a data connection or Wi-Fi to send or receive messages; furthermore, consumers should not download the application from their Play Store or App Storebecause it is a pre-installed application on all mobile devices.