Having WhatsApp today ensures users a continuous communication with anyone, and especially any type of distance.

Although the security system is among the most advanced ever, scams continue to spread, many users would have been afraid. In fact a deception never seen before has manifested itself in chat, leading many users to be worried about their security. WhatsApp in these months has very much perfected this aspect, but unfortunately little can do us if the users think of anything but messaging.


In the last hours a new scam would have led WhatsApp users to run away. Obviously the new implementations have not left indifferent the users, which however have not noticed novelty.

In fact the scam has spread in the same way that the others have always spread and this would particularly worry the public. The new message in question has placed users in difficulty by pulling away from them several Euro remaining credit. In fact we talk about a new secret update, whose features could be known only by clicking on the link in question. The latter, however, does nothing but automatically subscribe users to some agreements with ringtones and images from the web. This would consume the remaining credit in an inexplicable manner. So be very careful and don’t fall for it.