Some Android smartphone models seem to be the victim of a Whatsapp-related problem that consumes battery power too quickly . Combining together the various reports received online, we discover a group of phones rather large and populated with even famous specimens.

Although most of the cases concern the latest generations of OnePlus, reciting the widespread names in the open discussion on Reddit are in fact top of the line and well-known mobile phones of the last two years such as Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.

WhatsappBut taking a look at the reviews on Google Play Store it turns out that even models like Redmi Note 5 Pro seem affected, with a user who complains of a powerful drop in charge (from 74% to 19%) in a short time despite a minimal use in background.

This seems to be the common denominator of reports with Whatsapp exploited for few messages and left purely active in the background, but also responsible for 30% of energy expenditure once the zero percentage of the battery is reached.

How can you confirm that you have this problem? You must open the consumption information from Settings> Battery> tap on the three dots in the top right corner and finally on Battery use. A list of apps will open and if Whatsapp stands out clearly over the others in the face of modest use then something doesn’t come back.

Pending a possible resolution by the parent company, the advice is to update the app to the latest version available. Many users suggest to delete the internal data (Settings> App> WhatsApp> Data) or directly to uninstall and re-install WhatsApp . It is less advisable to delete and download an older version from an apk file , as it is often the case in portals that are not recommended in terms of security.

Meanwhile, even the Facebook app – but for iPhone – shows the side to a very disturbing bug , which concerns the activated camera without warning the user.