Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. In the last few days it has even exceeded the Telegram competition, thanks to the introduction of an interesting novelty: secret messages.

From this moment conversations will become private and the individual interlocutors will be able to tell each other anything in safety. Let’s see how the function can be accessed.


Whatsapp: how to set up the keyboard

Unlike Telegram, on Whatsapp the possibility of sending secret messages is not integrated into the application. In fact, in order to take advantage of this feature, you need to install a program on your smartphone: it is a Secure Text Keyboard, the free application available for both Android and iPhone.

The content of these secret messages will be composed of pre-set sentences that will cover the original messages. After installing the application, the function must be integrated into the Whatsapp keyboard.

To do this enter the application, go to Settings and choose the General section first and then Keyboard. Add the new keyboard by selecting Secure Text Keyboard and tick the box next to Keyboard EN. By doing this you can start sending your secret messages! The only flaw of this new service is the limited free availability: in fact, you can only send 20 messages without costs. To continue using this function you will have to purchase the Unlimited Messages package from the application.


Whatsapp: how to send secret messages

First of all make sure that your recipient also has the application. To do this you will have to open the application, press the Share button and send the download link to the recipient with whom you want to exchange private messages. Finally, to start the secret conversation, simply check the box with the application icon next to the space bar before typing the message.

In this way what will be typed will be covered by a generic message. The moment you send the text you will only be able to see the false text, while during the typing you’ll see them both. With the same procedure, multimedia contents can also be sent in secret.

Whatsapp: How to read secret messages

When you need to read the secret reply messages, simply copy the text and insert it into the previously installed keyboard. This will display a pop up that will show the original hidden message. Thanks to this new feature introduced by Whatsapp, sensitive data and official documents can be safely stored. Moreover, all your secrets will be kept and hidden from prying eyes effectively.

Unfortunately the function can only be used to send one message at a time and it is necessary that the recipient has also installed the specific keyboard. Probably, in the future the update will also extend to group chats.