There are so many tricks that users can use on WhatsApp that by now taking it into account has become really complicated. Many times it happens that some functions are already allowed by default by the app itself, but when they are missing we need to intervene.

Users, especially the more enterprising ones, care about the app in green and often tend to want to look for something that integrates it best. In this case there are some tricks to avoid performing mandatory functions.
WhatsAppWhatsApp absolutely does not condemn all this, except in the case that it should be espionage. Many users, looking for an even greater level of privacy, have perfected a technique in relation to a third-party app that will prove very useful for everyone.

WhatsApp: don’t you want to be seen online? Here is the perfect app that also inhibits the last visible access from your contacts…

How many times has it happened to different users to avoid entering chat to not be taken by assault by other people? Well, certainly on so many occasions. However, many users seem to have found the perfect solution to avoid this, while still reading the messages without problems.

To make this happen, you need the app known by the name of Unseen. This can be downloaded from the Play Store of Google, and allows users to have an alternative platform that intercepts incoming messages. Therefore opening Unseen and not WhatsApp, you can still read everything that comes to you. Your last login will not change and you will not be online.