It has been reported lately that a significant number of Turks to be ‘imported’ for construction work and they will be living in makeshift mobile homes near airport. I mean… imported!? Are they some potato sacks?! Also… haven’t we heard enough of makeshift mobile classrooms? We are now moving to makeshift mobile homes too?

several cranes above the buildings

As we always preach… we DO NOT want to get into the political side of this… we just want to speak our mind on what we think about all this…

So, the cries of many Maltese citizens about the endless siege on our land. Nobody seems to care that gradually we are running out of natural space where to spend some quality time with family and friends. The economy boost doesn’t really seem to be helping us common citizens…

Come on, be honest! Politics aside… what difference have you seen on your everyday life? In the end it looks like it’s the same old situation, where the big fish get the best of it all and the rest have to make do. And we are not talking about Parliamentary members only you know… we all know who the big fish are! But the one thing we have been longing for, more green areas and parks where to enjoy some fresh air, is being ignored! And now, they are also mentioning sea reclaiming.. will we be ending up without a place to swim now as well!?

And now this… hundreds of Turkish construction workers are going to be flown to Malta to work on major private construction projects across the island. Our question is; are we vetting the people who are coming in? Do we know who they are? Will they be coming here with their families? Because if so, we need to cater for space in our schools for their children… space we do not seem to have any longer! Right?

And at what rate will they be paid? Will they be replacing the illegal construction workers? Will they be treated the same as any Maltese construction worker? And who will be paying for these workers’ airplane tickets, water and electricity bills, etc? Will they be paying rent? Will they be paying taxes? Oh so many questions!