The most coveted distillate of the next season will come directly from the territories beyond the Barrier. The giant of the alcoholic sector Diageo, to the delight of Queen Cersei and all the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms with a certain weakness for the glass, has decided to enter into a strategic alliance with Hbo and to enter with its products in the suggestive world of Game of Thrones.

The new White Walker by Johnnie Walker is the seal of the partnership. It is a limited edition scotch that – playing on the similarity between the name of the popular whiskey brand and that of the most mysterious creatures of the TV series, the Strangers – promises to amaze viewers and tasters to the cry of“Winter is coming”.

The Game of Thrones inspired Scotch is a mix of single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish distilleries, to be served cold, favouring the link with the strangers. The bottle itself, in the cold, reveals a message written with a special thermo-sensitive ink, which reads “Winter is here” .

“We felt there was a desire for a Game of Thrones- inspired whiskey on the part of the fans, and Johnnie Walker’s idea for collaboration seemed perfect right now,” explained Jeff Peters , vice president of Licensing & Retail of Hbo.

But the collaboration between Hbo and Diageo does not stop there. For the coming weeks, the company has also announced the Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Collection, a reissue of some of the most popular whiskey bottles in the Diageo portfolio redesigned and combined with the famous TV series. Among these, we find a Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost in the Stark version, a Cardhu Gold Reserve for the Targaryen and a Talisker Select Reserve with the Greyjoy emblem on its own label.

All this, together with an Oban Bay Reserve in total-black version, in homage to the uniforms of the Guardians of the Night.