Oh yes! XFactor Malta was dominated alright! Michela Pace had been in the lead since week one of the live shows! As official results rolled in, one could clearly see she was destined to win.

Michela Pace - Dominated XFactor Malta
Photo courtesy of Eurovision Fans Malta #EFM – INFE Malta

Following Facebook posts, it amazed me how many thought she had been helped to win. Many stated they were sure judges were creating a bias. Some commented on the clothes she wore yesterday, and how it showed she was pushed into winning. Others said it was unfair she got to sing with Joseph Calleja. I mean, can we be more ridiculous?

If we look back, most of her representations put her on stage all alone without any dancers but merely some visuals in the background. Being the timid girl she is, this put her at quite a disadvantage compared to the others who seemed to have a show with every performance. Where were those people then? Why didn’t they think the others were being put in a better position?

It’s unbelievable how on this tiny island of ours,¬†everyone seems know it all about the music industry! How can one question her ability to win the XFactor and being able to represent Malta? It seems like little do we realise how our comments can effect a person… or little do we care? Let new singes take the leap and believe in themselves for once!

Unravel Malta Poll also showed public having her as favourite for the win before the finals.

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