The final countdown has started and everyone is eager to watch the show tonight. All four final contestants are exceptionally good at what they do and they have all have come a long way… but there can only be one winner! So who’s it going to be!?

The four finalists. Image courtesy of XFactor Malta.

Each of the finalists have their own style and WOW factor; and no we’re not talking about their fashion sense! Every act has its own charm and they have all had their unforgettable moments on stage. Yet only one can be crowned and so we have to sit down and think hard on this one, since for once in the history of Malta the final word on who should represent us in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is ours – the people – and not of the judges or split 50/50.

So make sure to do your best so you do not to have to complain after the show that your favourite contestant did not win! Show your support, watch the show, scream and sing at the top of your voice all you want, but do make sure you vote!

Let’s have a quick look at the four finalists whilst wishing them all the best of luck for tonight’s show!

Michela Pace. Image courtesy of XFactor Malta.

Michela – Her voice is out of this world, something totally new for Malta. Her good girl look deceived everyone. Nobody expected such a powerful voice! But is that enough to wow the crowd? We believe that a little bit more of charisma and stage presence would definitely help do the trick tonight!

Nicole Frendo. Image courtesy of XFactor Malta.

Nicole – She started from the girl who gave the impression to be timid, to what we know today. Good stage presence, confident and an amazing voice. But has she grown enough? Has she got the X in XFactor?

Owen Leuellen. Image courtesy of XFactor Malta.

Owen – All round package, great stage presence and always gives a great show. Not all songs interpreted by him suited him perfectly, but he loves being on stage and it shows! Yet, are we ready for such a different style of music to represent us at the Eurovision song contest?

Petra. Image courtesy of XFactor Malta.

Petra – Well know by the general public and a veteran in the music scene. This might give her a push forward compared to the other three brand new contestants, yet the general feel is that the public seems to want a fresh face, voice and style.

So…. let’s rehearse at voting for tonight’s show!

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