Many have been calling for a lockdown and others are angry it has not happened yet. Dr Michael Debrincat has tried to explain why we do not have a lockdown yet, and we believe that his explanation is very understandable…

Image: Facebook

He explained in simple words why Malta is not on lockdown yet: “For those of you who are mad that we don’t already have a lock down, let me explain something to you:

0 spread = local to local transmission is not happening and is not good for a lock down to be started. Reason: if you do a lock down now and don’t have local to local transmission, once the lock down is lifted even after 6 months, 1 year or 5 years you will still have rapid spread that will overwhelm hospitals.

Spread is inevitable and will happen soon, and we need to aim for a slow spread. A slow spread gives time for hospitals to cope and helps build ‘herd immunity’ for the most vulnerable people e.g. elderly.

So have patience, a lock down will happen soon, but the timing needs to be right, your screwed if you do it too early and your screwed if you do it too late!”