Equality Minister Helena Dalli launched a new logo for LGBTIQ friendly establishments, #AllWecome or #IkollMerhba in Maltese, which aims to encourage businesses to display welcoming signs for the purpose of making LGBITQ individuals and allies feel welcomed as patrons.


When we first heard of it, we thought it was a joke! Even though this is an initiative which is already present in America, called ‘The welcoming project’. The Welcoming Project began in 2011… so we suspect that all of a sudden someone came across it over the internet and wanted to copy the initiative… However, with all due respect to all of you who think it’s a good idea… it made us think of establishments that welcome dogs!!!!!!

In the sense that, one would need to know where they can take their pets inside and where they are not welcome, but here we are talking about human beings! And to top it off, this is doubly insulting in a supposedly ‘Catholic’ country! What’s next? Should we start displaying stickers in establishments that welcome different cultures, religions and skin colour now too!? Ain’t we all humans?!

Luckily enough it’s not only us who to think this is outrageously ridiculous…

Anyhow, we believe that every human being has the right to live life to the full and go in whichever establishment they wish. The only thing in someone’s closet should be their clothes!

People looking back over their shoulder in fear, embarrassment and shame is not a good state of mind. Self-doubt, leading a double life, masquerading as a person you’re pretending to be: the tone is set for an unfulfilled life, anxiety and mental health issues. There shouldn’t be hatred, discrimination, and abuse. The fact that we think we need  a stickers shows these problems still exist in a country which prides to be LGBTIQ-friendly in itself!

We live in a more tolerant society now but ask yourself, whoever you are: do you want to be tolerated or do you want to start off on an equal footing? What most people want is acceptance and equality. Full stop. And so a petition (not taking credit for it – we were not the ones to start it) is now going around for those who wish to sign against this sticker idea…

We ain’t saying you should sign it but neither that you shouldn’t… it’s all up to you to be honest to decide what you think of it… we already said what we think… but just in case you want to sign it, click on the link below:

Petition: Scrap the LGBTIQ-friendly logo sticker