Did you hear that the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is in flames? Impossible not to have to! The Notre Dame Paris fire makes our heart hurt for many reasons, especially as parents.


As of 2:30pm CT on April 15, 2019, one of the cathedral’s spires has already fallen in the Notre Dame Paris fire. People have gathered all around, lining the streets, just to catch a glimpse.

Reportedly, many are standing in silence and shock. Still, some are gathering to sing hymns while flames continue to burn Notre Dame.


Many Parisians have gone on record to say Paris just can’t be the same without Notre Dame. As someone who lived and studied in Paris, part of me agrees.

It’s too early to say what the fate of this Paris landmark will be. I cannot imagine the Paris landscape without the iconic church. After all, millions gather to get a glimpse, regardless of nationality or background.

Yet a city is not defined by a building alone. While Notre Dame may be part of the heart of Paris, the true heart of the city lives in its people and culture. I can only imagine that spirit will live on even stronger in the wake of the blaze.

notre dame fire


We love Paris. We’ve always dreamed of taking our family to France and passing that love on to our children. And now that trip will never be the same.

We can’t imagine what the Parisian skyline will look like without Notre Dame in its entirety. But moments like this remind me that there’s no moment like the present.

While we dream of taking our kids on grand adventures, the truth is, life and finances seem to get in the way too often.

We wanted to wait until our kids were old enough to walk through Europe on their own, but even our friends have talked about the ease of travelling with baby. Oh how we wish we had a picture with our babies in front of Notre Dame right now!


As Disney fans, our mind also went to the recent news that Disney is developing a live version of their animated classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We love the music from the original and we were looking forward to how they would incorporate the real Notre Dame into the new film.

Now that will be even more difficult. Perhaps all the dreamers at Disney can find some Disney magic to help the people of Paris overcome this tragedy and rebuild.

Have you been to Paris? Did you dream of taking your kids one day like me?