Parents will understand this one straight away. You want to go out for something to eat, but apart from the hassle of packing stuff to take with you for your baby; you also have the added burden of trying to find a place with a nappy changer!

Babies are pretty un predictable. You never know when changing a nappy is a must right there and then. Most of the time, nappy changing cannot wait.

This issue has already been tackled in another article of ours – No nappy changer?! Yet we just had to mention it again after an episode we came across which must be shared!

So, a new family is invited out for Sunday lunch. Those organising the lunch choose a place which unfortunately has no nappy changer. The new mum finds the restaurant on Facebook and asks for a nappy changer, crossing her fingers that the organiser was ill informed… the reply was nothing she expected…

The mother appreciated the reply, yet as one can fully understand, she was quite sceptical. You know, it seemed too good to be true. Yet, just a day later, she got another message…

Now hey, isn’t that just amazing? So this grateful mother thought about contacting us, asking to promote this restaurant for such great service to clients. Let’s face it, not many are so caring and understanding!

So kudos to you Ottoman by Posh Turkish! You deserve a big thumbs up!