Have we finally started coming to our senses? Maybe some have, whilst others are still thinking about it….

On one side we have the Malta Tourism Authority who has objected to a proposal by the Danish Village in Mellieħa for demountable platforms for sunbeds to be placed at Għadira Bay. Luckily the case officer’s report noted that the proposal lay outside the identified tourism development area, where the public use of the beach should be safeguarded

However, a final decision is expected on the 23 August… and whilst the MTA made its objections to the proposal known, Minister Mizzi did not specify whether he agreed with proposal or not.

The minister was speaking following a press conference announcing an agreement with operators renting out sunbeds on the beach.

Mizzi said that 2,200 sq.m of space on the beach would once again be being made available to the public. He said that following discussions with the operators and the MTA, a concession allowing operators had been scaled down.

“We must find a balance, and now those that want to rent a deckchair can do so, while people who don’t want to rent, can also refrain from doing so,” Mizzi said.

He said the new rules would come into force this week (about time!!!!), and will see each operator giving up roughly 340sq.m of space allocated to them.

“Through this new agreement, the area along the sea will once again be available for the public to enjoy,” Mizzi concluded.

The minister said it was now up to the MTA to ensure that the beach is regularly inspected in order to ensure that operators abide by the conditions of the agreement signed with the government.