Willie, the hero parrot of Denver… It is not the plot of a cartoon, nor a fairy tale for children, but the story of a truly extraordinary little parakeet, who saved a child’s life.

Hero ParrotIt was Willie, in fact, who gave the warning that the child was feeling ill. In November 2008, the young Megan was working as a babysitter when, at one point, she had to go out of the room for a moment, leaving the child alone while she was making breakfast .

Suddenly the little one started to feel sick, almost risking to choke, but the parrot (a Parakeet monaco) started to flap its wings and to repeat: “Mama, baby “. The girl, thanks precisely to the alarm launched by Willie, returned immediately and, after realising that the child was choking, performed the Heimlich maneuver, thus managing to save her!