We all remember the shock when the Dwejra window was lost for good… we got upset at the bad weather that took it away… now it looks like Mother nature felt sorry for doing this and has now decided to gift us with a new window…

Mother Nature seems a fan of fairness, since not only is she returning back to us something similar to what has been lost… but she has decided that this time it was not to be in Gozo, as they had their fair share of window fame!

Ghar hanex
Image: Joseph Psaila

Anyhow, the new natural window is Għar Ħanex that got created after rocks collapsed in the past days. Looks like it was also pretty much of a lucky strike that this happened during this time of year, as during the summer season the place is quite popular!

However there is a catch! Unfortunately it looks like this new window’s life will be quite short-lived as the rocks seem to be quite weak! So if you want to have a look at it and take a selfie with it in the background, fret not!