The intervention that was taking place on Kim Grice, of Holt, Florida, was to be a normal routine operation: a simple removal of a cyst.

But in the middle of the surgery, the 29-year-old girl’s face suddenly caught fire. There was some panic within the team of surgeons who were operating, who managed to stop the flames, but the girl had burns on her neck and on the face, requesting transportation to a specialised emergency center in Alabama.

The girl, however, is not in danger of life, and did not notice anything because during the incident she was under anesthesia.¬†What she remembers is what she later told her mother: “They woke me up, and everyone around me was hysterical. I don’t know what happened to me. “

Even the doctors are groping in the dark on the reasons for the flames. The North Okaloosa Medical Center released a statement explaining that “the hospital is extremely sorry about the incident today during an outpatient surgery procedure,” adding that “in-depth investigations are underway to understand what happened, also for the purpose of prevent such events from happening again “.