Women snore! Like men, with the same intensity that can touch up to 50 decibels. But they underestimate their snoring and also the intensity of the noise produced, perhaps even due to a form of modesty. 

This is highlighted by research by the Soroka University Medical Center in Israel and published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, which shows that not only do women appear less objective in reporting the fact that they snore but also produce noise of identical intensity to men. 

The average maximum intensity of snoring is 50 decibels, compared to 51.7 decibels of the male sex. To reach these conclusions, 1,913 patients were examined, referred to a sleep disorders center in a university hospital for a sleep evaluation. 

They had an average age of 49 years. Participants were given a questionnaire asking them to assess the severity of snoring. The volume of objective snoring was quantified using a digital meter, calibrated during a sleep study that lasted an entire night. The intensity of snoring was classified as mild (40-45 decibels), moderate (45-55 decibels), severe (55-60 decibels) or very severe (60 decibels or more).

According to the authors, it is also considered a social stigma associated with snoring among women, which therefore may not respond reliably to questions about snoring, which could also contribute to a problem not to be overlooked, such as an under diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in women.