Mum is always mum, right? She is the one we all look up to, call first and whatnot. But we also know that being a mother is not the only job, she is also a cook, driver, teacher, cleaner, accountant and much more.

Being a mother, especially full-time, is equivalent to managing a small company. You need a lot of flexibility, sick days are often spent working, they are extraordinary every day and they face very different aspects every day. The responsibility is high and the tasks are many and varied. Despite this, at the end of the month there is no salary to remunerate all this work.

unravel malta mother and kid

Viking Italia conducted a  study  carried out involving  500 mothers  from all over Italy who told their daily lives and their usual activities at home: “So we could  calculate what would be the  salary of a mother  full time  if you were paid all the time you spend to the family and to the care of the house. The result was stunning,” explains the blog.

“First of all, it emerged that the average age of Italian mothers is around 39 years. The majority of them has one child (46%), followed by mothers with two children (42%) and those with three or more children (12%). These data reflect the low birth rate in our country and the increase in age (around 30-35 years) for the first child.

Each mother takes, on average, 105 hours a week to carry out many activities dedicated to the family (cleaning, cook, purchases, etc.) and the salary, assuming an experience in various sectors of about 8 years (given by the average age of the children of the mothers interviewed), should be about € 3,950 gross per month. Calculating the total in a year, including the thirteenth, it is around € 51,387.83 gross, equal to about € 32,500 / € 33,500, depending on the region and the deductions.

An impressive result that not only must make us reflect, but also appreciate the work and time spent by mothers to take care of the house and the family.”