The first important information came from Jenkins, who confirmed that the film is currently in the final stages of editing:

“The first version lasted about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Let’s say it wasn’t three and a half hours, I’m not that kind of director! […] At the moment we have concluded, the film is finished. Now, we know that it won’t be out for a few months … so for the first time in my career I had the chance to ask ‘Hey guys, can I play with this a little? Can I do this? At the moment I’m fixing some small things, but technically the film is ready.

Even with regards to visual effects, everything is ready. The process has been very long, you have no idea how many action scenes we have prepared. I look forward to showing you the final result. Also, since the film was finished so early with respect to the release, I can afford the luxury of trying to see different versions of a scene. I can ask you to make changes and this is incredible. In the editing room I have these powers and it is the first time it happens in my career. So if we find something we like best, we can change it. “

The director then explained the exact reason why a setting was chosen in the 1980s:

“We had no difficulty connecting it with the previous film, because in reality they look like two stories separated from each other and this film tells the story of Diana’s evolution even though it is set in a different period than the first. Why then 1984? Simple, we wanted to bring Diana into modernity, and the eighties are a fundamental historical period for Wonder Woman. We therefore liked the idea of ​​putting it in that context.

Furthermore the eighties saw Western civilization touch their most glorious peak. It was interesting to have Wonder Woman clash with the heyday of our value system and I wanted to think about what bad things this could generate and what would happen. Everything went very naturally. “

Finally, Jenkins focused on special effects and the choice to create live action scenes using stunts instead of studio scenes with the famous green screen:

“All the action scenes we practically shot live, on set in locations chosen around the world. We made some of the action sequences with more complex cables than ever before and no one had ever tried them before. Today, nobody fights like this anymore: we also got help from the Cinque du Soleil! What I enjoyed most was shooting the scenes outdoors. When you shoot in the theater, with the green screen, then you have to hope that the visual effect works, but in this case we really went to the locations and it was a real nightmare for Gal Gadot! “

In this regard, Gal Gadot intervened:

“We had to shut down Penn Avenue in Washington DC, even that was crazy. Then we mounted kilometers long cables, to make me run as fast as Usain Bolt at the Olympics … We worked so hard, we tried to do original things, things never done before. A real challenge.”

Obviously the CGI will be present in the film, just at the CCXP panel the director confirmed that Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) will be partially realized through the special effects. But both wanted to emphasize the amount of work it took to make the entire film. Lastly, let us remember that Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters on 5 June 2020.