Birthdays and cakes… some of us just hate birthdays and others won’t give up on celebrating it every year. My mother insists of baking me a cake every year even though I am now married with my own kids!

Birthday cakes have evolved throughout the years. When I was young, birthday cakes mainly featured chocolate and smarties on top… and as many candles as the age we were celebrating…

Just imagine ordering a birthday cake and receiving this… would it upset you? Would you complain?


Well.. a little story of kindness that is going around the world is that of a photo of a birthday cake that has become viral. Despite the phrase “Happy Birthday” was written really badly.

Because if it is an autistic order (unbeknownst to the owners) and to withdraw the cake a lady who instead of getting angry, smiles and thanks, the episode turns into a lovely story -of those that can make one’s day.

The episode was posted by the protagonist, the American Lisa Sarber Aldrich .

I chose a cake from Meijer. I asked the pastry shop assistant if she could write Happy Birthday. He said yes and after a long time he came back introducing me this cake. I looked into her eyes and thanked her before seeing the cake. When I did, I smiled and headed for the exit, thinking that after all it wasn’t so bad, people could have thought it was a funny thing. The other salesmen, however, stopped me and called the principal to show him the cake and also take a picture. After arguing with each other, a cashier put an arm over my shoulder and told me “the girl who did this writing is autistic. Thank you for smiling and thanking, and not getting angry. He shouldn’t write about cakes, but he did. You made this day special for her. ” I believe the moral of the story is that kindness in life is important.

The photo in a short time has totaled 140,000 shares. Because it’s really a lovely story. And it must be shared!