Sleeping well is important, and a good pillow is often important to improve sleep quality. A Dutch expert has created the perfect pillow that promises to solve every problem in the night’s rest: the only problem is that it costs 55,000 euros.

It must be said that the pillow does not have this high cost only for its ergonomic shapes, but also has particularly luxurious finishes: the seams are finished with 24-karat gold threads and the zip is decorated with diamonds and sapphires. The fabric is made of mulberry silk and Egyptian cotton.

The interesting aspect is that the pillow is presented as “made to measure for everyone”. The creator of the pillow is Thijs van der Hilst, orthopaedist, who explains : “ As a specialist in cervical problems, I have always suggested to my patients to buy a good pillow. But what is the best pillow for each patient? If there are three different size pillows, which one is better? As our feet are different, so are our shoulders and our necks. What’s more, the position in which you sleep changes from person to person. Everyone is unique, and so must the pillow be too “.

For this reason, the cushions are not mass-produced but customised: each customer is subjected to a 3D scan of the head and shoulders, and then through a proprietary algorithm the ideal shape for the cushion padding is generated, which is then made from from memory foam, so you can make the ideal pillow. As a finishing touch, the pillow comes with a Louis-Vuitton bag so you can take it with you on your travels.

Given the price, at the moment the pillow is mainly intended for the market of Middle Eastern emirs and billionaires, but it is possible that the technology, “eliminated” the luxury finishes, could be used in the future to create customised pillows for ordinary users.