Sixty-six-year-old Chinese Chen Qingzu has an unusual hobby : collecting bras. Over the past 20 years, it has collected over 5,000, of all shapes, colors and sizes. Now he wants to open a museum to exhibit his impressive collection.

The man admits that when he asks for a bra from a girl or a woman he is often taken for a pervert, and in fact it is a thought that perhaps arises spontaneously, but Chen explains how his story was born: “ My job is to educate people on the importance of a healthy life, and my specialisation is women’s health, including in relation to the breast, and this was a good way to address the problem “ , says the man . ” Many women wear tighter or smaller bras than necessary to highlight their shapes, but this hurts their breasts . 

In fact, most of the bras are from students who attended the conferences where Chen spoke about the importance of wearing the right size bras. “ Many girls thought I was a fetishist. But when I explained that it was used to promote the importance of wearing suitable bras, they gave me the old ones that were too tight for them . 

Now Chen would like to create a museum where to exhibit the bras he has collected over the years, given that the space is not adequate in his home, and he would also like the space to be useful also to raise awareness on the problem of breast cancer. The city council of Yacheng, where he lives, is considering making a building available for him to implement this idea.