Xiaomi is proving more and more interested in the European market, rewarding the trust of their loyal customers that in Europe are allowing it to grow rapidly. Precisely for this reason, the Chinese company does not intend to stop, but rather has already decided to deploy new stores to invade Europe with many new Mi Stores .

Wang Xiang, senior vice president of the Chinese brand, said that by the end of 2019, Xiaomi’s official stores in Europe will increase from 50 to 150, with a number that will be practically tripled compared to last year. This should allow the company to maintain or even increase the rate of growth with respect to the sale of its devices.

Among the top 5 technology brands, Xiaomi is the one that grew the most in Europe last year. It is in close competition with Huawei to have closed 2018 with a positive sign regarding the variation in the number of devices shipped, given that all the other competitors have registered significant drops.

Scan Computers in Malta has recently also started selling Xiaomi products. Altough this i not the full range (as most of Xiamomi products are built for China and the Asian market) it is a good step forward for Maltese consumers who are interested in this brand to be able to acquire the products locally.