Strong declines in critptovalute prices. On the Asian markets they suddenly started a fall that led to losses of between 5 and 10%. The Bitcoin at the moment yields 5% to 9,578 dollars, thus returning below the threshold of 10,000 dollars and far from the more than 20,000 dollars envisioned by the few fans left by now before the summer, when it had partly recovered with a strong rise the collapse of over 50% from historical highs.

The decline in Ethereum is even greater (-8,% at $ 169), Litecoin (-9,% at $ 65) and Bitocin Cash (-6% at $ 286) while Xrp marks a -5,% at € 0.25 . 

It is not the first time that we are witnessing huge and fast losses for virtual currencies, whose market remains very volatile as well as characterised by a certain opacity and above all liquidity. 

Bitcoin and other less famous coins are in the sights of governments around the world, not least due to the frequent use to regulate criminal activities, which are weighing on the adoption of regulations to prevent use for purposes such as tax evasion, the money laundering or the financing of criminal activities and terrorism.