Many people this morning woke up to the news of the death of two women who died late yesterday evening in a traffic accident. Both victims were identified as Graziella and Fallon Mallia. Both Żabbar residents.

Mother and daughter of 53 and 31 years respectively, were the two victims of the ugly incident that occurred the yesterday late at night in Mosta where an Audi and a Maruti collided head-on.

The community in Żabbar, salute the memory of Graziella and her daughter Fallon Mallia. In the meantime, the other passengers are recovered in hospital. Among the people who have been hospitalised there is Graziella Mallia’s mother, Lucy aged 77, and Fallon’s son, named Eli who is 12 years old. Both have been reported to be in danger of death.

accident mosta mgarrIn yesterday’s serious accident, there were more persons who were injured, including a one-year child, a boy of 11 years, a man of 31 years old from Mosta and another 44 year old person. A child of 10 years suffered slight injuries while a man of 29 years from Sliema did not suffer any injuries. 

The fatal accident occurred in Buqana Street at around 8.30pm when for some reason there was a frontal collision between two cars – an Audi A1 form and a Maruti 800. The Audi ended in the roadside ditch being rebuilt while the Maruti ended on the central strip on the same road.

The victims were the driver and passenger of the Maruti car, who unfortunately were certified dead on the spot. The six other people, were taken to the hospital, some of which have been certified in danger of dying. It seems that the accident occurred after one of the vehicles went wrong-way.

Given the scale of the accident, a number of ambulances with medical teams including two doctors from the Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital Dr. Dr. Michael Spiteri Jonathan Joslin were on the spot in a short time. They were joined by a number of officials of the Civil Protection from Xemxija stations and Hal Far, who helped in taking out the persons who were trapped in vehicles; which operation took hours because of the heavily damaged vehicles.