Zac Efron has nearly died during the filming of a reality show. The idol of the teenagers of the 2000s, actor of “ High School Musical “, risked his life while he was filming the new survival reality show  “Killing Zac Efron”, during which he had to prove that he can handle it in a remote place in Papua New Guinea.

The singer, and now a film producer, was rushed to Brisbane hospital in Australia, although his condition now appears to have improved.

Apparently the 32-year-old contracted a form of typhus, so he was taken to desperate conditions by plane, as reported by the Daily Mail, in the Australian hospital, assisted by a medical team that he feared could not pass the trip. Once stabilized he was then transferred to the USA, where he is still in serious condition in the hospital.

Efron was enthusiastic about his project, which would be aired in 2020: «I am excited to explore territories that are not on the maps and live unexpected adventures», but probably the reality show may not even air, given the situation.