In 12 years of work as a nurse in the Maternity ward of the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia, she has traded at least 5,000 children in her cribs.

A practice that the woman, Elizabeth Mwewa, has decided to confess because “having terminal cancer I have very little left to live, and I want to give an account of my sins”. The nurse, according to her story at the Zambian Observer, exchanged children “for fun”.

Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa
Image: Twitter

“I found God and I was reborn – the woman explained to the Zambian newspaper – and so I don’t want to hide anything anymore: in the 12 years when I worked as a nurse in the Maternity Department of the UTH I exchanged about 5 thousand babies in their cots”.

However, now that she has little left to live, she has realised that she “sinned against God, and I hope he can forgive me. And I also ask the Zambians to forgive me for all the evil I have done to innocent children. I caused the divorce of some couples who, although they were loyal, thought of a betrayal after the DNA test”.

Elizabeth Mwewa then invited all children born in Lusaka hospital between 1983 and 1995 to verify her identity through DNA tests, particularly if they feel they have no similarities with their parents. “I used to exchange children for fun. So if all your brothers and sisters have very dark skin and you have it clearer, it’s likely that you were one of them, and I’m very sorry for that.”